77 pound Wiener Dog?!?!

Weiner Dog 3

Today is a day, we celebrate the life of a 77-lb Wiener Dog. The average Dachshund has a maximum weight of 32 pounds; five-year-old Obie (who used to be called AJ; we assume the “Obie” nickname is short for “obese” – aw, poor guy) weighs more than twice that, topping out at 77 pounds when new owner Nora Vanatta met him last month. I thought I was the only one who got out of breathe from walking, god help this greasy sausage link of a dog. How could she adopt a dog this fat and ugly. I’ve always thought the “Wiener Dog”” was a cool animal, until I saw this fat ass. The photo at the bottom of the page depicts an average 20-lb “Wiener Dog”….

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